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05 WRX STI Clubsport Build from 6OVRCRST Rallysport

Posted by Jordan Shaw on

So we got our hands on an 05 Subaru Impreza WRX STI. A friend of ours was kind enough to let us take it as long as we needed to scan and design some simple products. That quickly escalated into wanting to do more for this car and the idea of building a track/street clubsport car was born! 


We pulled out the old suspension with lowering springs and added some custom two way adjustable Ground Control suspension, Enkei RS05RR's wrapped in 275/35 Proxes R888R and designed Chassis-Mount Rear Spoiler Uprights with a 71'' APR Airfoil. 







Next we worked on the over fenders. We molded the shape of flare we wanted out of clay on the car itself. 


We then 3D Scanned the body panels with the formed clay.


Designed a digital render of the panels.


Machined a mold on the 5 axis router.

Preped and sanded the mold after they are completed on the router.



Thermoformed the mold with ABS plastic and finally test fit the panels on the car

Once all the trimming, fixes and test fitting is complete, we then flip the design and and produce the opposite side. The fitment of this kit turned out great! Fits over the factory body lines and curves as if it were a factory piece.




Now time for the real trimming! Obviously we aren't building this kit just for looks. We want the car to function the way it needs to at the track with the larger wheels and tires. So, that means making some clearance by cutting the front fenders and rear quarters. Enjoy!






The kit can either be riveted on or can be attached with a strong body panel adhesive. We used nut serts and bolts to attach these overfenders. The end goal is to build a car for the owner, so he can race at the track, but still be able to drive it home after a track day. Hence the clubsport build!


Over fenders have been sanded, primed and painted! We ended up using nut serts in the body to attach panels with bolts. We did this with the thought that if the customer ever went off track and broke a panel then it could easily be replaced. A CAE Ultra Shifter was also installed! The street version shifter was the best option because we are still using the center console. Another cool part we made for this build that we will end up offering on our site is polycarbonate rear side windows with a carbon fiber support trim. 







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