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Let's Make a Widebody for our 2.5 rs Subaru Impreza, Shall We!

Posted by Jordan Shaw on

To kick things of Here is our first Blog post! 

The GC Widebody Build

Now, I know exactly what your thinking! 22B right? WRONG! Yes, the 22Bs are rad along with the S5, S6 WRC version. However, one of the main problems with wanting to do a widebody kit is the daunting expense. Our goal is to make a quality kit that is inexpensive, fits the factory body, is not made from fiberglass, and utilizes the stock front and rear bumper covers. Yeah, that's right! We are not making the front and rear bumpers for this kit. We are not trying to make a replica anything. We want to make our own style of kit that is different from others but will still be useful in Time Attack, Rallycross, Autocross or any type of motorsport you're into.  


We started with purchasing a 1999 Subaru Impreza 2.5rs. It's a great car and is very similar to the Impreza L which is perfect, because our kit will fit all Impreza coupes from 93- 01 whether it be an L, LX, RS etc.

We then scanned our shop car that has a WRC widebody not to copy, but as a reference to get the width and the body lines. The WRC arches are super tall and that's not what we wanted. The arches on our kit will be lower and will allow for some wheel tuck which is great because as Adam always says, " If you're not tuckin', you're suckin'!"

The third step is designing the body panel from our scan. This will allow us to make any changes we want while still preserving the original shape of the factory body.

Once we have the design exactly how we want it, we load the program into our 5 axis CNC router. 

Next, we throw the mold on our new thermoformer. Don't know what a thermoforming is? Let me google that for you!  Basically, our thermoformer heats an ABS plastic sheet to soften it to molding tempurature. Then, our mold is raised into the sheet and a powerful vacuum sucks over the mold and, voila an over-fender is born!

We then checked rough fitment of the panels before cutting the front fenders and rear quarters. Once we were happy with the fitment we put new coilovers on to get this thing sitting a bit lower!



Now time to start hacking up the body! We cut out a large portion of the front fenders and rear quarters to fit the larger wheels and tires we want to run. The door trim holes needed to be welded up so we can have smooth doors. Once we started sanding those, we ran into some body filler....A TON OF FILLER!!!! The entire left side of the car must have been hit because even the rear quarter had body filler. After grinding all of the old body filler off we started welding the holes we wanted to delete and filling those spots we wanted smooth.





Sanding and prepping the car and parts for primer and paint was next. This process is time consuming and sometimes frustrating lol. Any mistakes at this point needs to be fixed or else it will show when the clear coat is sprayed on. 



The reassembly is the best part! everything coming back together is probably the best feeling. The hardest parts are over and you can actually enjoy working on the car again!


Thank you for reading! If you would like to see more of what we do you can follow us on Facebook here 6oc Facebook and Instagram 6oc Instagram