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  • CAE STREET Version Subaru Impreza Wrx STI Ultra Shifter with Titanium knob. Full short shifter kit
  • Base of the CAE Ultra Shifter for Subaru Impreza WRX STI
  • STREET Version CAE Shifter linkage for Subaru WRX STI allows room to retain center console
  • Bend in the linkage to allow use of the center console on the Subaru WRX STI
  • CAE Subaru Street Version hardware Included with Kit
  • Subaru WRX STI CAE STREET Version Ultra Shifter with blue knob
  • CAE Street Shifter Shown in our "GC8"  WRC shop car with a JDM Ver7 6 speed Non DCCD transmission.
  • CAE Street Shifter Shown in our "GC8"  WRC shop car with a JDM Ver7 6 speed Non DCCD transmission.
  • Black CAE Shifter Installed in Customers STI
  • Black CAE Shifter with Blue knob Installed retaining center consol
  • Base of the Subaru CAE shifter with Street version shifter rod
  • Image 12
  • Installed in 95 Impreza with JDM 6 speed
  • Image 14
  • Installed on 05 STI
  • Installed on 05 STI
  • Image 17

CAE Ultra Shifter - Subaru WRX /STI "STREET" version

This is a special order item

Product Description

CAE Ultra Shifter - Optimised for motor sports with the following features:

  • Street Version with 2-piece housing and optimized Shift Rod for using with complete center console ! 
  • FITMENT:  Designed for 2004-2007 STI 6speed (Available 5speed adaptor required for WRX 5speed)
    *** See below for notes on use in newer WRX & STI platforms ***
  • Shifter Kit for "STI" with 6 speed manual transmissions, H-pattern. Also fitting for 5 Speed , Reverse lock out will be without function 
  • "Street Version" wit 2 piece housing and optimized Shift rod designed for complete Interior use 
  • Short and super-precise shifting travel, exclusively H-pattern. 
  • The clutch system remains in its original form. 
  • Racing-style appearance. 
  • Characterized by its optimal ergonomics with a focus on motor sports: perfect positioning of the shift lever close to the steering wheel. The shift pattern is confined to approx. 65 x 65 mm. 
  • Activation of the reverse gear lock via cable reel from the shift lever. An accidental changing to the reverse gear is impossible. The reverse gear is unlocked by pulling up the sliding collar on the shift lever. 
  • Low weight and high stability: the milled and lathed parts consist of 7075 aluminium alloy; the substructures are made out of laser-cut, 3 mm thick AlMg3 aluminium. The parts are combined in the WIG welding process and brushed blank for an optimal finish. 
  • Problem-free shifting of gears under stress or in curves. 
  • Integrated centre position spring, ensuring perfect feedback when changing columns while shifting up and down. 
  • Right/left stops and reverse gear stop adjustable separately. 
  • Complete kit for adaptation stock shift rod with all small parts, fastening material and detailed installation instructions. 
  • centre console have to be slightly modified for installation 
  • Optionally available in all black anodized (please ask for delivery time)
    All shifters with anodised aluminium gear lever knob in the following colours: titanium grey (standard), blue, red, black, silver or orange.
Total height: approx. 435 mm
Total length: approx. 240 mm
Dimensions of base plate: approx. 198 x 124 mm
Shifting travel: approx. 65 mm
Selector travel (transverse direction): approx. 65 mm
Weight (complete): approx. 2,1 kg
Offset of the gear lever knop (back / up): depending on vehicle type approx. 30 / 80 mm

Delivery: Shifter completely assembled, special shift rod, all screws and and required small parts

Installation instructions her for download below

All CAE Ultra Shifters and tuning products are designed exclusively for motor sports and not permitted for public road traffic !

Imported from Germany exclusively by Hard Motorsport, Corp. 

We are stocking inventory as fast as it can be manufactured and imported. 

Delays of 3-6 weeks are possible for special order or out of stock items.


Installation Manual 10087ST 6 Speed:

Installation Manual 10087ST 6 Speed



In 2008, Subaru made changes to their shifter and linkage, but some modifications to this shifter model can be made for use in the new models.

Notable changes:

  • Base Bolt Pattern.
  • Shifter Linkage Length is longer.
  • Console shifter opening is smaller.
  • Changes in other stock parts, or hardware.


Here are some notes from a customer that installed the shifter into a newer WRX 5speed.

New holes need to be drilled in the baseplate, you only need to drill two new holes. For this you should keep the existing bottom two holes and drill new top holes(this keeps the stock rubber “nubs” aligned. For this generation you need to drill out the existing bottom and new holes to fit the stock mounting bolts with are approximately 5/16”/8mm. 

For the 2011-2014 wrx the rubber plate that acts as the passthrough for the transmission linkage needs a few modifications. To begin there are 4 rubber “nubs” that act as guide pins for the stock mounting plate, the two side “nubs” need to be removed. The remaining top and bottom “nubs” help to allign the CAE baseplate. 
Also for this generation WRX(wrx only as far as I know) there is a pertrussion in the top right croner of the rubber plate, the CAE baseplate will NOT fit unless this purtrussion pushed in on itself so it purtrudes toward the ground. 

Next in the included parts for the shifter there are new mounting bolts and spacers. For the 2011-2014 WRX(wrx only as far as I know) These bolts and spacers WILL NOT fit. You can just reuse the stock bolts and do not need new spacers although I’m sure you could find appropriately sized washers to act and spacers. 

This part is wrx specific. For the wrx 5-speed transmissions there is no reverse lock out or corresponding linkage so the supplied small block off plate is not used.  

The 2011-2014 Wrx and Sti have the same(dimensionally) shifter bezel. This piece needs to be cut at the back to allow space for the shifter to move. The cut needs to be approximately 1” back and 1” both left and right of the center(I will supply a picture to help this discription make sense). A similar cut needs to be made in the same place to the plastic underneath the shifter bezel. 

The most vital component to making this shifter work for the 2011-2014 WRX(wrx only as far as I know) is a new adapter. Dimensionally the adapter I had machined is exactly the same in all measurement except overall length. The only change that needs to be made to your current adapter design is that the overall length needs to be 110 mm. This is about 2” longer than the original adapter.(I will supply drawings and pictures). 


We will be working with CAE to develop an adaptor as described above, or you may use this information along with the shifter linkage connections to machine your own. The 5speed and 6speed gearbox input shafts use a different roll-pin angle, so parts made for one are not compatible with the other.


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