MELE 900 Series Rally Spec Battery Mount

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MeLe 900 Series Rally Spec Battery Mount




-5052 marine grade, locally sourced aluminum


-CNC cut in house


-Hand formed, hand finished, hand riveted


-Each mount comes with a unique serial # for authenticity and quality control


-Comes with proprietary coated steel rally plate


-Secures battery mount to rally plate using 5 controlled points


-Drilling is required


-Welding is optional


-Designed to fit the Odyssey PC925 ,Braille G30Braille B3121XS Power D925and the Full Throttle FT410




-Able to place mount anywhere there is a flat metal surface using our comprehensive coated steel rally plate (including the trunk)


-Shed and or shift vital weight in the vehicle


-Track tested (These mounts are currently being used by numerous teams in the American Rally Association)


*Official mount of Dirt Fish Rally School




-7.5W x 8L x 6H